The 2012 MustangSteve Birthday Bash

October 13, 2012 - Tomball, TX

Glen 65 5.0 cuts a steel plate while Hakan helps

josh-kebob. MustangSteve, Hornman, Bullet Bob, Daze, BobC, T.McG, Arriving at the Hotel

T.McG (nose). BobC, Bullet Bob, josh-kebob, MustangSteve, Hornman

Just sittin' around Glen's shop

josh-kebob, t, Daze

I don't know who these guys are

Some of the ladies - Cindy (BobC), Jean (Bullet Bob), Vicki (Don),
Lisa (t), Tanya (josh-kebob), Karol (tubo), Kathy (Hornman)

Glen's shop

Stan Busek, Steve Busek, Hakan, Josh, Ron, Terry, MustangSteve,
Bullet Bob, BobC, 6Sally6, JerryF, Daze, Mr. Tim and Glen (on the floor)

Steve's Mustang parts in Tomball

The parts counter

Everybody is critiquing MustangSteve's "Mastercraft" Mustang

MustangSteve is replacing an inner ball joint

"It looks OK if you hold your head this way"

Hakan, checking out Corky's Shelby clone

Hakan is shooting some of his famous video


Daze, checking out Corky's Shelby clone

At the Bash

Jeff vs. 6sally6 in the Spark Plug Changing contest

I WON!!! - 6sally6 (Mike)

Daze vs. Tubo (Corky)

It's obvious who won THIS one.

Bullet Bob vs. 6sally6

Bullet Bob Wins!

MustangSteve and daughter Cara

We ALL had a GREAT time!!!
We hope to see YOU next year.