Marc and Allyson Moran Present

Parker Thomas Moran
8 lb 4 oz. - 21 1/4 in. - 10/29/2003

The wait begins about 8:15 in the morning


Family and friends are there for moral support


Still waiting...........


MORE family and friends


Everything's ready here


"Uncle Tommy" gets there


Kelley and Courtlyn play Uno with the big kids - David, Tommy, and Beck


The crowd gathers


IT'S A BOY ! ! !


Parker Thomas Moran - 8:17 PM - 10/29/2003


Allyson is glad it's over


Marc takes Courtlyn and Kelley to see the baby



Time to get dressed for the official "hospital" picture


Happy Halloween !


Three generations of "Thomas"


Sherry holds her new grandson


(mouseover picture)

Aunt Miki meets Parker



Uncle Tommy and Parker

Kelley and Courtlyn meet their new cousin


The Moran men - Thomas I. Jr., Marc Thomas, Thomas I. III, and Parker Thomas


Lessee... How do i "install" this thing ?


Aunt Miki helps out


Misson accomplished


There's only one thing better than clean pants !


One for the road




The first "FAMILY" picture


A DAD and his SON


One last family picture before we leave


Bundled up and ready for the ride home


Waiting for the car


All buckled in


Leaving the hospital for home



Home at LAST !


Parker's room


Now 2 days old

Thanks for visiting with us