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Yellowstone Park


Westward Ho !

It's exactly 8:00 PM on July 31st, 2001.
Were gettin' ready to climb in and take off.

Miki's driving, the kids are watching a Disney movie,
Sherry is quilting, and Tim is sleeping

Don't drop a stitch, Sherry

The sign says,
"Dangerous snakes and scorpions can be found here!"
and THAT is in the daytime. Wonder what comes out at night ?

2 Sleepy Babies


Doing puzzles on the front lawn

You can't see me ! !

I'm ba-a-a-ck ! !

Let's get out the toys and play in the sand

The water is taking my toys!

Out for a stroll


Looks like the kids got a little sun at the beach

Awwwww Grandad.... Don't take my picture againnnnnnnn !

Daddy's here ! !

A parting shot. We're taking off for San Francisco


The San Francisco area

The home in Pleasanton, CA, where we lived in the late 70's

How the house looked when we moved there in December, 1976

Ready to go for a ride up and down the hills

Packed in San Francisco - On to the Redwoods!

The North end of the Golden Gate Bridge

If you look VERY closely, you can just barely see the bridge on the left


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ON the top of the world

The Armstrong Redwoods

Use the UP & DOWN keys to see ALL of this HUGE tree.

Cannon Beach

What a Cutie ! !

Haystack in the fog


Marcia & Sherry


Haystack Rock

Now what did I do with that shovel ?

M-m-m-f... What shovel ?


You put your arm around me for the next one


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The Ranly's, Haystack Rock, Low Tide

Miki found a LIVE crab

Can I pet him, Huh ? Can I, Huh ?

The Bun Carry

Greg... That shirt is straight out of the 60's

The Old Folks

Dad, that water is cold !

Looking at some old pictures that Tim brought

No doubt, remembering how they looked in 1979

'Nuff Said.....

The Cooks

Marcia Janes and the Peregrines

The Ranlys

The Morans

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OK, everybody 'sept Troy.... act NATURAL !

Yellowstone National Park

Wild Elk

Tame Elk

Is "Old Faithful" gonna' blow or not ?

Thar She Blows ! ! !

Just to prove Tim was here.

Just to prove Sherry was there too.

And we can't forget Miki, Steven, Courtlyn, and Kelley were there too

Mt. Rushmore

Stone Faces...

Yep... We were all here

This is a view of Mt. Rushmore that you don't see very often

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