Fort Richardson

On the weekend of 8/10-11/2003, Sherry and I took our new (gently used) Motorhome to Ft. Richardson.

The Fort is located in the town of Jacksboro, TX. Jacksboro is about 65 miles west of Denton.

The Fort was the Northernmost of a string of outposts on the Western Texas frontier and saw its' primary service in the mid 1800's.


Here we are parked near the parade grounds. The base hospital
is on the left and one of the officers quarters is on the right.


Here is a diarama of Ft. Richardson during its' heyday.
The base hospital (in the picture above) is on the far left.


Here I am at what is left of the old Guard House, trying to imagine what
it was like to spend the summer locked up in one of these old cells.


Here is our campsite. It was the most secluded of the 50 there.


Here are a couple of views of our first campsite.


Sherry and I are enjoying a few minutes after breakfast before we hit the road home.