Thanksgiving Weekend, 2002

Sherry, Courtlyn, Kelley, Steven, Miki, Tommy, Tim

Our first stop was the Blue Bell Ice Cream Plant

Steven, Courtlyn, Kelley, Tommy, Miki, waiting for ice cream

Jean, George, Steven, Sherry, Courtlyn

Linda, Duane's daughter Hanna, Duane, Tommy, Miki, Kelley

Jean, George, Steven, Courtlyn, Sherry, Kelley

Linda, Hanna, Duane, Tommy, Miki

Linda & Tommy

Kelley, Miki, Courtlyn




Kelley, Miki, Courtlyn

Tommy & Kelley

At Galveston Island, TX, State Park

Tommy feeding the gulls

Courtlyn & Kelley chasing the seagulls

Miki, Tim, Tommy

Steven & Miki

We're camped just over the hill

Courtlyn & Kelley

The Ranlys

The Morans

The Gulls

On the ferry

Kelley, Tommy, Courtlyn

Miki & Tim

The End