Here are Sherry & Tim, about to take off. Kitty Shadow is in the carry case

This is one of theCivil War memorials in Vicksburg, MS

Robert E. Lee

The ramains of a civil war gun ship that was found buried in the dirt near the Mississippi River

Here is how close the North and South opposing forces actually were.
The blue sign marks where the North forces were, the red sign marks the toops of the South.

This is a statue of the Greek God Vulcan in Birmingham, Alabama.
Because it appears as if Vulcan has no pants on, this statue is called "The Moon Over Birmingham".

This is the view from the Vulcan Statue. Our RV is a long way off.

An authentic waterfall and old mill greet visitors on the road to Dollywood

Thomas Jefferson's Montecello

The original wine cellar at Montecello

Thomas Jefferson's Privy

Shoring up the orginal basement walls during restoration at Montecello

The monument designating the actual spot where Andrew "Stonewall" Jackson was shot and mortally wounded

While the monument supposedly marks the spot, many argue that THIS stone, a few feet away, actually marks the REAL spot. Whatever....

The Viet Nam Wall in Washington, DC

One of the Viet Nam Memorial statues in Washington, DC

The Washington Monument

The the Reflecting Pool and the Lincoln Memorial

If you look closely, you can see Lincoln inside

The new World War II Memorial

We were able to park our RV right on Constitution Avenue

Here is the new bridge and the old bridge across the Severn Bay at Annapolis, MD

Here is a view of the Annapolis Naval Academy from the bridge

The old bridge is now a fishing pier

A diarama of the original Ft. McHenry near Anapolis
The flying flag inspired the writing of the Star Spangled Banner

The real Ft. McHenry

The entrance to the Hershey's Chocolate theme park

These are the street lights along the street in front of the Hershey's plant
Tim emembers seeing these when he was here in the late 1940's

Independance Hall in Philadelphia

Sherry and Tim at the Liberty Bell

Here is Sherry in Constitution Hall

The U.S. Army Museun at West Point, NY

The Minute Man statue in Concord, MA

On to Boston