Maine, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick

The view from a New Hampshire RV park

Walking along the beach at Bar harbor, ME

Freshly cooked lobsters

Using only rear view mirrors, Tim backed into this RV camping site.
Looks perfect to me. I'll bet he couldn't do that again.

Stopping for lunch on the dock in Eastport , ME. Eastport is the eastern most point in the USA

I don't want to live here if THIS is what they need to deliver mail in the winter

The water of this lake is stained brown from the tannic acid in the nearby trees

An explanation of Glacial Freight

An example of Glacial Freight. Rocks were carried down the mountanins by
the glaciers and then were deposited randomly when the glaciers melted.

Atop Cadillac Mountain in arcadia NP at Bar Harbor, ME. At 1528 feet, Cadillac Mt. is the
highest point on the eastern seabord and is the first point in the US to see the sun's rays at dawn.

A cruise ship out in Bar Harbor

Here is a picture of the naturally occuring sand bar which,
at low tide, extends from the mainland to an island in the harbor

Glacial freight rocks are all over the place

Beautiful marigolds

The entry point into Nova Scotia

Here, the Bay of Fundy experiances a 51 foot tidal swell as evidenced by the waterline on the bridge support.

The beach in Margretsville, NS, at low tide

Here is the pier at low tide. Note the boats out of water

Tim and Sherry at Margretsville

All of the water from hundreds of square miles of inland waterways flows beneath this power station
as the tide rises and falls. Electric power is generated as the water flows in and out.

An "artsy" dew covered spider web

The Queen Anne B&B

Little white churches were EVERYWHERE

A neat little lighthouse at the mouth of a river

Horse's Head Rock

Tim is shooting video from the top of the RV

This is what he is seeing


We just couldn't resist a picture of this old dory on the mud flat after the tide went out

McDonalds actually has a McLobster. Who Knew???

THIS is a McLobster... Delicious!

This guy was actually selling regular size Adirondack chairs. This was his billboard

A two masted schooner leaving Lunenburg harbor

Dockside in Lunenburg, NS. Some of Tim's ancestors came from Europe to Lunenburg

Looking across Lunenburg harbor

The 1920's sailing ship, The Bluenose

Village Art

93 year old Bob Sweeny was in the Lunenburg Museum making all wood model sailing ships

Here is an expample of Mr. Sweenys' work. Those little dots on the
decking are actually wooden pegs used to hold the planking in place.

Another example of wood art

This is a depiction of the how the current flows in and around the upper Canadian coastline.
Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are on the far left and the little crescent shaped island is Prince Edward Island.
Because the water flow is on the continental shelf and very shallow, the water is very warm.

Lunenburg from the golf course

Another McDonalds

This is the entrance to the town of Peggy's Cove. Population 50
Glacial freight (droppings from the glaciers) is EVERYWHERE

The Peggy's Cove lighthouse. There is an official post office in the base

Peggy's Cove has the most spectacular coastline you will ever see

Peggy's Cove is on a 400 million year old granite promontory. Imbeded within the granite are pieces of other rock.
The vertical line is a groove dug by another rock within a glacier as the mile think ice glacier anvanced towards the sea

This couple was here having their wedding pictures taken. It was
terribly cold and windy here. I don't know how they stood it.

More glacial fright

One misstep here and you're gone!

Look at all of the glacial droppings

Local fishermen out pulling their nets. We are parked in RV site # 57. What a view!!!

Here is the view from site # 58

Several busses just unloaded at the lighthouse

Later in the day, fishermen spreading their nets out to dry.
These are the SAME fisherman that we saw pulling their nets earlier in the day

A REAL Royal Canadian Mounted Police "Mountie"

The big rock is NOT actually on the ground. ALL 4 corners are supported on other rocks.

In 1998, Swissair Flight 111 crashed into St. Margrets bay killing all 229 people aboard
This is a monument to that tragedy

Ft George, high on Citidel Hill overlooks Halifax and Halidax harbor

Of the 3 cemetaries holding the dead from the Titanic, Fairlawn holds the most

The Titanic dead

In Halifax, we saw the then new Queen Mary

A lighthouse built on the foundations of 3 previous lighthouses

On December 15, 1902, Radio pioneer Guglielmo Marconi established trans-Atlantic communication between Table Head in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia and Poldhu in Cornwall, England using a 60 kilowatt transmitter and four 210-foot (64 m) towers.
The bases of the 4 towers is all that is left of the Marconi Wireless station at Glace Bay

We saw these unusual houses in Glace Bay. There are actually TWO separate houses
and two separate famlies living here. while they have common architecture,
they have different doors, wndows, colors, and roofs.

I guess nobody wanted to live next to these folks.

Beautiful scenery. There is a ferry across that narrow spit of land in the center

Because the current flows through here SO fast, this ferry is hauled back and forth on a big steel cable.

Without the cable, the ferry would never make it to the dock on the other side.

Beautiful New Brunswick shoreline

On to Prince Edward Island