Summer 2005

While not taking any extended trips this summer, we have continued to burn our share of the nation's fuel supply.

In mid-June, we drove to Winston-Salem, NC (map #1,2,3) spending two weeks on the road to attend a week-long National Austin Healey Club convention.

We traveled in our RV, pulling the Austin Healey in an enclosed trailer.

To see the happenings at the convention, follow this link -

After the convention, we spent a delightful day in Atlanta, visiting with a friend that Tim had not seen since 1967 (map #4).

Less than a week after we arrived home from NC, we climbed in the Suburban and drove to Southern California for a couple of weeks to visit Tim's mother (age 93) (map #7).

As we neared El Paso, TX (map #8), the Suburban's A/C went out and we drove the last 700 miles home to Dallas in 94-98 degree temperatures with the windows down. We don't remember 98 degrees being QUITE that hot when we were kids!

As soon as we got home, we put the Suburban in the shop to have the A/C fixed.

Three days after our return from SoCal, we drove to Kansas City (map #10) in the Mustang convertible for the birthday celebration of a lifelong friend and Tim's mid-1960's roomate.

The day after we got home from KC, we climbed back into the (now cool) Suburban and headed south to Georgetown, TX (map #14), to spend a week with Sherry's mother and to celebrate her 82nd birthday.

The day after we got back from Georgetown, we got word that a friend that Tim had been very close to since early high school had passed away from lung cancer. So it was back into the Mustang convertible and back up to Kansas City for the funeral.

Well, that's about it for this summer... In 8 weeks, we traveled nearly from coast to coast and from mid-America almost to Mexico. We drove over 8,000 miles in four different vehicles (including the Healey).

We are ready to stay home for a while.... Hope it happens.