Healeys at Miller Motorsport Park
Salt Lake City, NV, Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unless you are a "Healey Guy" and have been following this event as it unfolded, you can get the history and the flavor of what is happening by reading the first 9 of the newsletters below.

Newsletters 10+ are about actually being at Bonneville.

More can be learned from the Healeys Return to Bonneville Blog

The blog reported events as they actually happened.

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This map shows the the geographic relationship among Miller Motorsport Park, Bonneville, and Wendover.

THIS is where and how the cars were displayed at Miller Motorsports Park.
For more information about Miller Motorsports Park, see their web site

The Endurance car

Endurance car owner, Bruno Verstraete, Streamliner owner Steve Pike, and team member Joe Jarick
A complete list of the Healeys Return to Bonneville team can be found in Newsletter 2

The Streamliner

Make a mental note about the blue hoses on the large aluminum pipe.
More about them later...

Original 1954 Healey Team driver Roy Jackson-Moore, Healeys Return to
Bonneville Team Manager, Charles Matthews, and Tim Moran

Roy Jackson-Moore drove Donald Healey's cars at Bonneville in 1953, 1954, and 1956

A rare Photo-Opportunity and a brush with history being made for event attendees

Roy Jackson-Moore ready to take a few laps on the Miller Motorsports Park track

It has been 55 years since Roy drove the original of this car "on the salt" for Donald Healey

The crafter of both cars, Steve Pike

A few of the locally owned cars in the Healey Corral

A view of the official Event Poster. Team members gladly autographed these for purchasers

Although this car may look like a Healey, it's not....

It is an MGA

On to "Wendover"