Wendover, NV

Nasty Boy Godfather Leroy Joppa and Bonneville Team Manager Charles Matthews

Roy Jackson Moore, Steve Pike, and Udo Putzke

Bruno Verstraete was celebrating his birthday

Wendover and the salt flats had a terrible thunderstorm on the Monday before the
Wednesday racing was to start. The salt flats get about 4" of rain per year and got 2" on Monday.

When ALL racing got pushed out until Thursday
afternoon, it was party time in the hotel parking lot.

Ya' just CAN'T keep cloths on those Australians.... (the MEN anyway)

Now THAT is an expensive beer coaster.

Pictures of Donald in the Endurance car and the team photo
with the Streamliner had a promanent place in the festivities

Charles Matthews is conducting the public Team Meeting

Charles is explaining what the team will do IF the track doesn't dry out enough to race

Bruno is talking about activities leading up to this event

Arrangements were made to show and run the cars on the
airport runway in Wendover, just in case racing was cancelled.

Here are the two cars, displayed on the apron of the BIG hangar at the airfield

Just a sprinkling of the crowd that came to see the cars

The fire truck in the background was standing by, just in case....

Bruno is making a high-speed run past the appreciative crowd waiting at the hangar
The Streamliner did not run on the airfield

Bruno's second high-speed run at the airfield

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