Flat Panel TV Installation

When we bought our '99 22' Four Winds RV in 2002, it came equipped with a 14" glass tube TV that the "Previous Owner" had installed.

Here is the old Analog TV mounted on a custom built wooden corner shelf

With the recent change from Analog to Digital TV, we decided that we did not want to use a converter and bought a 22" flat panel TV (with DVD player) from Best Buy.

Below are pictures of my installation.

Here is our new 22" flat panel Digital TV (with DVD player). It is mounted in basically the same location. While traveling, the TV is clamped to a shelf to prohibit movement.
The TV is shown here in the Clamped Down "Travel" Mode

Here is a side view of the TV in the Clamped Down "Travel" Mode.
The oval base is permenantly attached the TV and resting on a shelf
to help support the weight while traveling

Here is a close up of the foam padded Clamp that
holds the TV in place on the shelf when traveling.

Here is the TV swung out to the Viewing Mode. In this pic (sorry for the blur), the top of the TV is not parallel with the bottom of the cabinet above . I have now corrected that.

Here is another pic of the TV swung out to the Viewing Mode.
The TV will never be in this swung-out position while traveling

Here is a pic of the bi-fold arm that mounts the TV to, and yet detaches from, the wall
The bi-fold arm stays bolted to the TV and when not in the RV, the TV is used in the house.
I have since dressed and secured the power and signal wires

The mounting base plate is 1/8" aluminum and held in place by 24 screws. I used a LOT of screws to spread the cantilevered weight because the wall is very thin (1/8") plywood and I could not find a solid stud behind the wall.

The black plate
may look ugly now, but most of the time a TV hides it (pix above).


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